The latest discoveries about the history and genealogy of Clann Choinnich

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M'Comas/M'Comie: A patronymic name standing for MacThomais - i.e. Son of Thomas - which is said to come from the progenitor of the MacKenzies in Upper Deeside and northeast Perthshire. It appears in the 17th century alongside the clan surname, but it's not clear if it alone was ever used by any later MacKenzies. The matter is complicated by the fact that Macintoshes in the same area also used this byname.
Donaldson: Another patronymic name that appears to have been used by some ancestors of the MacKenzies of Dalmore in the 16th & 17th centuries, but it's not known to have survived as a separate surname used by MacKenzies in an area where there were also MacDonalds.
Wilson: A third patronymic byname used by some MacKenzies in Upper Deeside and northeast Perthshire - particularly in the 17th century by the ancestors of the MacKenzies of Finegand in Glenshee and Dalnabrick in Strathardle.
The evidence relating to these names is discussed in Graeme's paper on the MacKenzies of Dalmore (see below) which will be published in Volume Two of "Cabarfeidh's Cousins" later in 2021 (date to be announced in due course on the News page of this website).

MacKenzies of Dalmore
M'kenzie used to be one of the three most common names in Upper Deeside in Aberdeenshire, and the substantial branch of the clan living there and in neighbouring northeast Perthshire (particularly in Glenshee and Strathardle) are traditionally supposed to be descended from an illegitimate son of the late 15th century chief, Coinneach Og (Kenneth the Younger).  Though briefly mentioned in 19th and 20th century histories of the clan, nothing much was then known about this branch beyond the three generations who were the lairds of Dalmore from the early to the mid-18th century. Graeme's recent researches have established the line back from these 18th century lairds to their early 17th century predecessors in Dalmore, then to their probable 16th century ancestors elsewhere in Deeside, and finally to a possible progenitor in the late 15th century - in the shape of a hitherto undiscovered MacKenzie in Aberdeenshire who is just the fourth person anywhere in Scotland to have been recorded with the clan surname (after the first three documented chiefs of the clan). This last discovery may have important implications relating to the question of the origins of Clann Choinnich.
The results of Graeme's researches into this branch of the clan will be published later this year in a second volume of his historical and genealogical essays: "Cabarfeidh's Cousins" (the publication date of which will be announced on the News page of this website).

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