Information about the MacKenzies, past and present, at home and around the world
compiled in Scotland by the Seanchaidh (Historian & Genealogist) of the Clan
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The MacKenzies - Clann Choinnich in the Gaelic - were, by the 18th century, the most powerful clan in the northern highlands under the chiefship of the Lords of Kintail and Earls of Seaforth. Their stag's head badge and motto (Cuidich 'n Righ - Help the King) illustrates how they rose to prominence in the 16th century in the service of the crown, and the title of their earldom celebrates their acquisition in the 17th century of the island of Lewis, on the coast of which is Loch Seaforth. Though the MacKenzie homeland was in Ross, branches of the clan became established in many other parts of Scotland.   

The MacKenzies and the Campbells - who rose to prominence in the southern Highlands at much the same time as the MacKenzies in the north - are the only Highland clans to have been granted two earldoms by the crown. The 3rd Earl of Seaforth's second cousin Sir George MacKenzie of Tarbat was made Earl of Cromarty/Cromartie in 1703. The present Chief of the Clan is the current Earl of Cromartie whose crest is the burning mountain with the motto Luceo non Uro ("I shine not burn"). "Cabarfeidh", as the chief is known within the clan, is the now the head of a family with branches around the world.

Septs and Related Names

Many so-called septnames are in fact phonetic versions of the clan surname or of one of the above names.
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